Why consider private pay?

  • To avoid needing to get a pre-authorization which can delay access to therapy.

  • To know what the rates are upfront without having to figure out co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible.

  • To be able to talk to a therapist for even though you don't have a mental health diagnosis.  Insurance companies often require a diagnosis for reimbursement.  There are benefits to counseling that do not involve a diagnosis:  personal growth, communication, stress, etc.  

  •  To avoid the possibility of a diagnosis being documented as pre-existing condition.  It is unclear if health insurance companies can, at some point, use a behavioral health diagnosis as a pre-exsisting condition. 

  • To be able to work with your therapist  to design a treatment plan that works for you without  involvement from a third party.   

  • More control, freedom for self determination and greater anonymity for the client.